The Solaris family has been involved in machine trading and supplying business in the confectionery industry. Pro to provide equipment and guidance for a wide range of industrial manufacturing processes suitable for small and large manufacturing units such as:

  • Chocolate making machines (all kinds)
  • Candy making machines
  • Marshmallows
  • Wafer and Biscuit line
  • Cookies
  • Jelly line
  • Bakery line (all kinds)
  • Cake Line (Cup Cakes, Muffins, Layer Cakes, Swiss Rolls, Slice Cakes etc.)
  • Lollipops
  • Blister product line
  • Beverages
  • Snack food lines
  • All kinds of packaging lines

The focus of our business activities in this respect is on bakery and confectionery machinery. We work upon the design, manufacturing and enhancing the customer’s exact requirements and are always here to help, supply spares and provide technical knowledge for the lifetime of your equipment.
We are also keen to buy your old machines which are in good conditions for resale.

Our one and only priority is the customer satisfaction

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In order to offer you a complete range of machinery, we operate two manufacturing methods:

A range of equipment which is designed and built by Solaris. This equipment utilizes proprietary technology and systems unique to Solaris which gives you unparalleled quality and reliability backed up by best engineering.

A second range of equipment which is built in conjunction with our world partners, all experts in their respective offerings, allowing us to offer you an extensive range of machinery at affordable prices, while still maintaining the reliability you come to expect from a Solaris Machines. The world is within our reach.

We deal with new machines and second hand machinery from all over India and rest parts of the world. Our team has prolonged and intense experience through practice and education in this field.


The growing demand for packaged and processed food products from consumers in the developing countries is the primary growth driver for this market. Also, factors like the rising demand for confectionery products and the populace’s growing concern about the safety of food products will positively affect the market for food processing machinery during the forecast period.

The company's strength lies in its process expertise, engineering excellence and extensive service philosophy, extending from design and manufacture through installation and commissioning to Lifetime Support. Our company’s strength lies in offering its customers a broad spectrum of superior-quality machinery and a comprehensive range of individual services for life.


  • Development of products recipes.
  • Comparison and Finalization of the line machines from the best suppliers in the world with delivery time achievement.
  • Importing or manufacturing of customized lines as per the customer’s needs and requirements.
  • Complete installation of the specified line and are always here to help, supply spares and provide technical knowledge for the lifetime of your equipment.
  • Reliable after sales service/customer service. This encompasses a wide array of services that cater to consumers. We assist in using a product correctly, which could generate repeat customers, develop brand loyalty among customers and ensure customer satisfaction.